Around Khatu Shyam Temple

Attraction Near Khatu Shyam Ji Temple

Khatu shyam Temple, being the most beautiful and engrossing place is surrounded by some holy places which extend the beauty of this temple. There are several Places to visit around khatu shyam temple. So have a look and make your journey a memorable one by visiting these places.

1. Shyam Kund:  

Shyam kund is the holy pond near the main temple from where the head of Barbareek was recovered. It is believed that a small dip in this kund cures a person illness and brings strength and good health. It is filled with pious fervor and people take ritual baths in this pond. It is said that bathing during the Annual Falgun Mela festival, which is celebrated before the festival of Holi, bestow the people with special healthy life. Individuals believe that the water of the Shyam Kund will relieve from the diseases and infection.  

Shree Shyam kund

2. Shyam Bagichi:  

In the main premises of Khatu Shyam temple there is a garden known as Shyam Bagichi. It is believed that the famous devote Mr. Aloo Singh Ji used to bestow flowers from this bagichi to Shyam Baba. To pay gratitude to this devotee the Shyam temple has built his statue in this garden and other devotees come here to pray and bow their heads.

3. Gouri Shankar Temple:

The name of the temple itself depicts that it is Shiva’s temple. It is situated near the Khatu Shyam temple. There is a myth that Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb soldiers tried to demolish the temple and assault the Shiva Linga with a spear due to Muslim zeal. During this fight, blood flew all over and seeing this soldier got terrified and ran away. It is believed that still there are marks of the spears on the linga.  

Other Popular Temples to Visit in Sikar District:

Apart from Khatu Shyam Ji temple, there are other famous and attracting temples in Sikar District. Take a look.

1. Jeen Mata Temple:

The temple of Jeen Mata, an embodiment of divine cosmic power, is situated in the Jeen mata village and is approx 28 km from Khatu shyam ji temple. The temple has 24 pillars that are carved with hands and the idol of goddess Jeen Mata set down here has eight arms. It is believed that the King of Delhi, Aurangzeb once attacked the Harsh Mountain and burned the curves, buildings, and temples. Then invoked by her priests, Mata let down her force of Bhairon and brought the soldiers and king to their knees. Jeen Mata then had forgiven them. Seeing the power of Mata, Aurangzeb presented an ever glow oil lamp which is still glowing in the sanatorium of Mata. Millions of devotees visited here for a colorful festival which is celebrated twice in a year in the month of Chaitra and Ashvin. 

Jeen Mata temple Sikar

2. Harsh Nath Temple:

Approx 40 km from Khatu shyam ji Temple, Harsh Nath temple is another popular place in the Sikar district. This Shiv Temple is located in Aravali Hills and is the famous temple of the 10th century. The attracting element this temple procures is the west wall of this place has a standing idol of Parvati in panchagintap along with her female attendants.

Harsh Nath Temple sikar