Shyam Baba is a life savior for his Bhakts, he is a spiritual guide and inspiration for his
devotes. Still, numerous people are not aware about the imperial character and teachings of Baba. Some of the rare and must know facts of Khatu Shyam Ji are elaborated ahead.

  • By giving the biggest sacrifice of Sheesh Dhan, Shyam Ji Baba received the boon By Lord Krishna that when Kaliyug comedowns, he would be worshipped by the name of Shyam in his form. Recitation of his name will grant all the wishes of his devotees. You have to recite khatu Shyam ji’s name with full belief and all your problems will be resolved by him.
  • To worship the Baba, you have to clean your home throughout and then make Prasad of rice pudding or churma to please him. You can organize Baba’s Kirtan anytime or especially on the Dwadshi of Shukl Paksh of any month.
  • The melodious and soul cleansing main prayer of Khatushyamji is; “Om jai shree shyam hare, baba jai shree shyam hare
  • Khatu dham birajat, anupam roop dhare, om jai shree shyam hare…
  • Ratan jadit singhasan, sar per chanvar dhule
  • Tan kehariya bago, kundal shravan pade, om jai shree shyam hare…”
  • The name Khatu Shyamji is driven from the village Khatu where in the beginning of Kallyug period Baba was found. After the Mahabharata battle, Barbarika’s head (Sheesh) was buried in the village ( Khatu ) in Sikar District. During Kallyug period, when sudden milk started to simmer from the udders of cow on the spot where Barbarika head was buried, then the khatu Shyamji was enlightened.
  • Khatushyamji devotees can share their own miraculous experiences with other baba Bhakts by creating free account on khatushyammandir.com and writing their own blog.
  • Shyamji devotees can easily visit his temple and seek his blessings as there are plenty of hotels, seva mandals, dharamsala and vishram gharah are located around the temple.
  • To visit Khatu Shyamji temple for worship check the schedule of temple first.
  • Currently, there isn’t any provision to worship baba online.
  • The Phalguna Mela is the Main festival in Khatushyamji, It occurs in the month of Phalguna, Dashami to Dwadashi ( the 10th to 12th days), just 3–4 days before the great Indian festival Holi. Lakhs of Shyam ji devotees seek blessings of baba on this occasion and enjoy the performance of the popular singers reciting babas bhajans.
  • It is believed that your every wish will be granted by Khatushyamji baba if you travelfrom Ringas to Khatu on your foot taking the Nishan in your hands. Nishan is a triangular flag of a particular size, made of cloth, which is hoisted on a bamboo stick. During Falgun mela, the sight of nishans is very mesmerizing.
  • Khatu Shyamji Baba has been called by numerous different names by his devotees like; Hare Ka Shahara., Sheesh ke dani, Leele Ka Aswar, Morwinandan Shyam, Shyam Bihari, Lakhdatar
  • If you are planning to visit khatu Shyam ji temple soon, then the top four hotels in the area are; Hotel Natraj, Hotel Mauri, Hotel Kavita, and Hotel Shyam.
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