Khatu Shyam Mandir Location

How To Reach At Khatu Shyam ji Mandir (Temple)

At the time of Mahabharata battle, Barbarika’s last desire was to see the Mahabharata war so Lord Krishna himself placed his head at the top of a mountain for Barbarika to see the war. After thousands of years when Kalyuga started the head was found buried in the village of Khatu (District Sikar) in Rajasthan.

Location Map Direction of shri khatu shyam ji temple

India Rajasthan Sikar or Jaipur Khatu P.O. 
Address :

Shri Khatu Shyam Baba Temple
Khatu shyam mandir committee
District : Sikar
State : Rajasthan

Khatu : 17 kms. from Ringas.
Ringas : 63 km. from Jaipur on Jaipur-Sikar highway NH-52.
Nearest Railway Station : 
Ringas : 17 km. (by road) 
Jaipur : 80 km.
Delhi : 266 km.
Nearest Airport : Jaipur and Delhi

How to Reach at Khatu Shyam Temple :

Khatushyam main temple is located at Khatu Town (District- Sikar) about 80 KM from Jaipur. Devotees are requested to take route via Ringus which is connected to National Highway 52.

Khatushyam Mandir is easily approachable via both road and train. Ringus junction (IRCTC Code: RGS) is the nearest railway station which is about 20 KM from Khatushyam Mandir. As soon as you step out from railway station, you will find a large number of Jeeps/Taxis waiting for passengers. Private cabs are also available around there. 
Jaipur international airport (also known as Sanganer international airport) is the nearest airport which is about 100 KM from Khatushyam Mandir.