Khatu Shyam Chalisa

Shyam Chalisa

Khatu shyam Ji Chalisa is one of the most devotional Chalisa. It is a slogan, mantra in combination with mild and soft music which brings an extraordinary feel of Shyam Baba Ji to the listeners. The music adds divine glory to the lyrics which are the best combinations ever. The Chalisa of Khatu shyam Ji mostly involves the life and the Barbarika’s sacrifice for Lord Krishna. This Chalisa of Shyam Ji also glorifies the name of Lord Krishna and most of the Chalisa of Shyam Ji is praised, heard and enjoyed by the devotees of Lord Krishna also. All the devotees of Shyam Baba Ji are the devotees of Lord Krishna as the Barbarika who himself is the great devotee of Lord Krishna. The sacrifice of the Barbarika is mainly for the glory of Lord Krishna and the devotees of Lord Krishna.

!! Shri Morvi Nandan Shyam Chalisa !! 

  • Couplet based on Skanda Mahapuraan : – 

Shyam Chaupai :

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