Worship Methods

Methods of Worship

Every month on Dwadshi of Shukla Paksha or whenever you want to get blessings of Khatushyamji baba, you can organize the kirtan or Satsang at your home. To organize kirtan, clean the floor of your home where you want to set up kirtan and wash all your utensils to make Prasad. Once the Prasad is ready to keep it near the place of kirtan. To organize the place of kirtan put Shri Khatu Shyam Ji’s Photo or Shri Krishna’s Picture. Also, keep Shri Ganesh Ji and Hanuman Ji’s pictures there and chant or play the Shyam Ji bhajans.

Basic Rules To be followed During

  • During kirtan keep yourself clean and take bath from head to toe.
  • Offer dhoop, deep and flower on the place of kirtan before starting it.
  • Don’t talk during bhajans.
  • Do not smoke during kirtan.
  • Do not laugh at other devotees if they don’t sing and try to encourage other devotees to sing better.
  • If you have to use restroom than do it before the Satsang starts.
  • Do sit where you get a place in the Satsang.
  • During Satsang avoid sleeping / going, again and again, is not desirable and it disturbs Shyam devotees.