Khatu Shyam Ji Mahima

Mahima of Shree Shyam Baba

Mahima of Shyam Baba Ji completely describes the glory of Shyam Baba Ji through the great sacrifice of him. The word ‘Mahima’ means the praise of Lord Shyam Baba Ji. It is believed that Mahima of Shyam Baba Ji purifies one’s heart and soul when it is being listened and recited to oneself. This Mahima of Shyam Baba Ji is being written in national language Hindi and is also available in the English language for the precious praise of Khatu Shyam Ji. Shyam Mahima is being spread widely all over the world and attracts so many individuals across the other states and countries especially during the Falguna Mela, the main festival of Khatu Shyam Mandir which is conducted annually.

The glory of Shri Shyam Dev  ..Coming Soon..