Khatu Shyam Ji Festivals

Festivals in Khatu Shyam Temple

The main pivotal Khatu Shyam Ji festival which is celebrated in Khatushyamji is the Mela of Falgun. It is hosted on Falguna (Feb / March), Asthami to Dwadashi ( the 8th to 12th days), Precisely this falls 5 days before the famous Indian festival Holi. Lakhs of Shyam Ji devotees visit the Khatu shyam mandir during that time and bows their head in front of their god to seek his blessings. Khatu Dham is assorted with the Bhajans and prayers of the Bhakts during the Falgun Mela.

Khatu Shyam Ji Falgun Festival

During Falgun Mela special Nishan yatra is organized. This holy journey starts from the Ringus which is 19 km away from the Khatu Dham. In this Yatra, devotes of Shyam Ji walk up to the temple while holding Nishan (flag) in their hands. They even sang prayer and bhajans of baba Khatu shyam ji. Special bhajan sandhya is organized where well-renowned bhajan singers come and entertain the devotees spiritually. Baba’s Bhakts get lost in the bhakti and they dance on the DJ as well. Some devotees play with the gulal and let themselves free in the enchanted prayers of Shyam Ji baba. On the final day of Mela, special Prasad of kheer and churma is created for baba which later on given to all the devotees.

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Khatu shyamji Bhakts from worldwide visits this small village during the mela. According to a rough estimate around 5 lakhs, Bhakts attended the mela to seek the blessings of baba Shyamji. That’s why security is very tight in the village and bamboo barricading is made before 10 kilometers from the temple so that everyone can bow their head in front of Shyam ji’s idol.

Every year, the number of devotees who attend the Satrangi Falgun Mela has been increasing rapidly. In 2011, the huge crowd of 15 lack devotees attended the Mela whereas in 2012 and 2013 these figures up to 25 lakhs and 35 lakhs particularly. The great persona and spiritual power of baba Khatushyamji encourage devotees to be part of this mela and fill their life with Baba Shyam ji’s blessings.

This festival showcases the play nature of Krishna as well. So, devotees be part of the festivals of Shyam Janmotshav (Kartik Shukla Paksha ), Krishna Janmashtami, Jhool Jhulani Ekadashi, Holi and Vasant Panchami at the Khatushyamji temple.