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Full Story of Khatu Shyam Ji

This Khatu Shyam Story is mentioned in the medieval Mahabharata. Almost all of our devotees know that the eldest brother among Pandavas was named Yudhishthir, who was also know as Dharmaraj. And, the eldest Kaurava siblings was Duryodhan who was the mere image of unrighteousness. Both Kauravas and Pandavas siblings have Cold War going on between them from their childhood. This was because Yudhishthir always believes in the path of righteousness whereas Duryodhan can’t leave his path of sins.

Duryodhana always try to harm or destroy Pandava on his very will. He even compelled Pandavas to stay in the lakshagraha which was the house made of lakh. With the grace of Lords and their good deities that Pandavas along with their mother Kunti come out of the lakshagraha. They know that Duryodhan was their biggest enemy, so didn’t put a step in Hastinapur instead they started living in the forests. During this period one night Kunti, Yudhishthir, Arjun, Nakul and Sahdev were in deep sleep and the club bear Bhim who is also known as “son of wind” was guarding them.

He then turned to Ghatotkachch and told, “Son, there was a powerful demon named the Mur in Pragjyotishpur. He has a daughter named Kamkantakata (Morwi). She is very wise and asks some witty questions from all the prospective candidates for the marriage. You should go there and answer all her questions with the blessings of your elder. But, you can’t marry her there, you have to bring her here and Lord Krishna will perform your wedding ceremony.”

When Ghatotkachch reached Pragjyotishpur after taking the blessing of his elders, he fought a victorious battle of wisdom with Kamkantakata. After winning Kamkantakata heart, they both come to Indraprastha wherein the presence of his elders, Lord Krishna performed the wedding ceremony of both. Then, Ghatotkachch takes the blessings of his elders and proceeds for the south. Time flies by very fast, and on an auspicious day, Kamkantakata gave birth to strong, wise, kind hearted and a religious son named Barbareek. He was banned Barbareek because at the time of birth he had hairs like a lions mane. As the lion is fast and ferocious animal hence the name Barbareek was given. Some of the demons grow as soon as they were born. That’s why Ghatotkachch has doubt in his mind about what will his son become when he grows up. But, fortunately, he had a chance to seek blessings of Lord Krishna so he took his to him in Dwarka to get his blessings.

khatu shyam ji story

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On meeting with Lord Krishna, Barbareek bowed head in front of him and said, “Oh my Lord! How can a creature in this world be blessed? Some say religion brings blessings, some advocated philanthropy, some prefer meditation, some flavor riches, some like pleasure and enjoyment, but many argue that only salvation brings blessing. Oh Lord, out of all these options, please direct me along one path, grant me one option, which may prove to be auspicious for my dynasty and for all others. Please preach to me and advise me about that.” Krishna Ji becomes very happy after hearing the thoughts of Barbareek and said, “Oh son’. All the four castes in society have their pre-destined paths of invoking blessings according to their position in society. Since you are a ‘Kshatriya’ or a “warrior’, you should use your strength, that is you should use your might which you can get by seeking the blessings of ‘Sureshwari Bhavani Bhagvati.’ Therefore you should first worship the goddess.” However, Barbareek asks Krishna Ji again that which god or goddess he should meditate to seek their blessings. Krishna Ji said him to go to the ocean and meditate upon the ‘Durgas’ brought by Narada.

Barbareek followed the command of Krishna Ji and worshiped the goddess on the ocean meeting place. The goddess gets very impressed with the meditation of the Barbarik and grants him the worlds greatest boon. Goddess grant him the boon of unparalleled strength that no one can beat him in the world. But, goddess asked him to stay here for few more years as the Brahmin named Vijay will come and grant him more boons. The Brahmin named Vijay came there from Magadha and worshipping seven Shivlings, he became immersed in the meditation of the same goddess. The goddess came in the Brahmin’s dream and blessed him and also asked him to meditate before the Sidha Mother to practice all his skills and learning. They told him that my devotee Barbareek would help him. Then that Brahmin named Vijay said to Barbareek, “Oh Brother! Please take care that my meditation is not disturbed until I practice all my skills.”

To protect Vijay Brahmin during his meditation Barbarik killed numerous demons. Barbarik also killed the demon named Palasi who had been troubling Nagas from the Patal lok. Pleased with the killing of those demons, king of Nagas emerges in front of Barbarik and asked for a boon. For which Barbarik asked him the boon of uninterrupted completion of Brahmin Vijay’s meditation.

At that time the number of Nag maidens were eager to marry Barbarik. But, he politely denied them all and said that he had taken the oath of bachelorhood. Nag maidens were very impressed with Barbarik so they grant him the boon of always come victorious. So, when the goddess granted Brahmin Vijay boon of wealth and fortune. Then, he gave three infallible arrows to Barbarik and said that using these arrows he will always become victorious in the three worlds. These are the same three arrows which are kept in every Shyamji temple and worshiped as his weapons.

After some time of this area, Pandavas reached the Sindh pilgrimage after losing everything in the gambling. All the Pandavas sat there and worshiped the goddess. And, suddenly with the will of God, Bhim stood up and without washing his feet and hand entered the pond. Barbarik becomes very angry after seeing this and he went to Bhim and asked him what kind of pilgrim he was? This angers Bhim as well and the battle began between both. However, strong Bhim won’t able to hold ground against victorious Barbarik and this made him very depressed. Then, Lord Shiva appeared there and said him no to get depressed. Because Barbarik was from his own family thus no one can defeat him. Knowing that he had fought with his own grandfather made Barbarik very sad and he started to question his existence. So, he went to end his life, but the goddess who had granted him a boon and Lord Bholenath advised Barbareek that this is not the time for him to end his life. He took the advice of goddess and he didn’t end his life. He dedicated his life to the devotion of Pandavas. Meanwhile, Pandavas hidden period also offered and they demanded five villages from Duryodhan to rule. But, when he denied that than the great battle of Mahabharata started.

On the other Barbarik meditation at the meeting place of the ocean was also completed. So, went to seek his mother’s blessings and told her his wish of watching the battle of Mahabharata. But, his mother asked him what will he do if he wanted to participate in the battle. Then, he said, “he will join the side of the party which was losing in the end”. So, after taking his mother’s permission Barbarik went to want watch Mahabharata riding on his blue horse. When Krishna Ji saw that the strong man his approaching the battlefield on his blue horse. He decided to test the brave boy.

He disguises as the Brahmin and sat under the peepal tree on the way of barbarik to the Mahabharata. He stopped Barbareek where he was going. When he said he was going to watch Mahabharata, then Krishan Ji asked him why he had only three arrows with him when he was going to the battlefield. On this Barbarik replied that these three arrows are going to sufficient to destroy the three worlds.

On this Krishan Ji said him why he is so arrogant about his courage? Barbarik replied on this that these are meditated arrows achieved after great worship. In disguise, Krishan Ji tested Barbarik and asked him to tie all the leaves of peepal tree with one arrow. He did as he was told and tied all the leaves of the peepal tree together. This totally impressed the lord Krishan and he asked Barbarik that there’s no doubt in your bravery. But, on the battlefield whose side you will fight from. To this, he said he will fight from the losing side at the end of the battle. Lord Krishan knew that Kauravas would definitely lose the battle. And if this brave man joins the losing side, then the scene of the whole battlefield would change. If this happened, then righteousness and religion would be destroyed and unrighteousness would emerge victoriously.

So, Krishan Ji in the Brahmin guise ask the head of Barbarik. To which he asked him to tell him his true identity and reasons. When Krishan Ji comes in his real identity, then Barbarik bowed his head and said that he will give his head but he had one wish to watch the battle of Mahabharata till the end. Krishan Ji granted his wish. “Shish Ke Dani Ki Jay”

At that moment all Pandavas came and asked Krishan Ji why he wants the head of this innocent boy. Suddenly, all the goddesses appear such as Siddha Ambika, Tara, Kapali, Suvarna, Trikola, Chandika, Praneshwari, Bhutambika, Kodhmatru, Harisiddha, Charcha- cheek, Yogeshwari & Tripura etc., Goddesses asked Pandavas to hear their story as well, “Once upon a time all the Gods prayed to Shri Vishnu that Lord! The unrighteousness on earth has increased greatly. Please lessen this burden from the earth. Then Lord Vishnu assured everyone and putting their minds of rest promised that he would take an incarnation and remove the burden from the earth. Then a Yaksha named Suryavarcha, who was present there, said that he alone could take an incarnation and he would remove earth’s burden. As soon as he said that, Lord Brahma became extremely furious and he cursed Suryavarcha saying that whenever the time comes for him to remove the world’s burden, he would die by the hands of Shri Krishna. Then Suryavarch asked what he could do to escape from Lord Brahma’s curse. Lord Vishnu said that whenever the burden of sin and unrighteousness will descend on the earth, Shri Krishna will release you from your curse and with his blessings, you will become famous. He is the same brave man whose head Shri Krishna has taken as a sacrifice and behind this also lies the good for righteousness.” After that Krishan Ji and the goddesses secured Barbaric’s head on top of the hill from where he can watch the whole battlefield.

The desolate war of Mahabharata took place for 18 days and then, the difficult question of victory was decided in which Pandavas turned out victorious. On the victory, all Pandavas were praising each other on the rightful victory. To this Shri Krishan said that they should not proud of themselves and should be asked the opinion of Barbariks head which had been watching the battle very carefully. So, Krishan and Pandavas went to the head of Barbarik and asked him that which Pandavas was the reason for this victory. Barbarik smiled politely on this and told Pandavas that its not their bravery which had made them win the battle. No, it was the artful policies of Lord Krishan which made them victorious in the end. To this Pandavas felt ashamed and they ask forgiveness for the lord Krishan. On the impeccable intelligence of Barbarik, Krishan Ji gave him a boon that he will be worshipped in the kaliyug by the name of Shyam. His worship will grant all the wishes of his devotees.

Because of this imperial saga, Khatu Shyam Mandir was build in the small village khatu where the head of Barbarik was hanged. One cow’s milk started to glow from her teats into the earth at this place and thus the Shyam Ji emerges there. Hope you like this khatu shyam story.
!! Jay Jay Morvinandan, Jay Jay Baba Shyam !!
!! Jay Jay Shish ke Daani, Jay Jay Khatu Dhaam !!
!! Jay Jay Lakhdaataar, Jay Jay Lile Ke Aswaar !!
!! Jay Jay Khathu Ke Maharaj, Jay Paandav Kul Ujiyaar !!