Khatu Shyam Ji Temple History

Khatu Shyam Baba Temple History

Among many divine places of Hindu God in India, Khatu Shyam Temple is also popular. Over thousands of devotees come every month to seek blessings of their God Khatu Shyam Ji. It is located in the Khatu village of Sikar District of Rajasthan. Khatu Shyam ji temple is an ancient temple and is formed on the name of Veer Barbareek who was known as the grandson of Bhima and son of Ghatotkach. Usually, people of North India come every year to worship her but it is believed that there are a large number of devotees from the state of Rajasthan and Haryana.

Revelation of Sheesh (Head) in Khatu

Since Barbareek was associated with the battle of Mahabharata, his head was drowned in the river Rupawati. He was blessed by Lord Krishna that in Kalyuga he will be known by his own name Shyam and people will worship him to get Moksha. When the period of Kalyuga begun, villagers of Khatu village in Sikar saw that milk was flowing from the utter of a cow as she reached the burial spot. At first, they were shocked to see this but when they dug that place they found a buried head.

Later on, they handed that buried head to a Brahmin who worshiped to that for years. Later, the king of Khatu, Roopsingh Chauhan dreamt to build a temple and place the head in that temple itself. Through this way, the temple was built on the 11th day of the Shukla Paksha which is also known as the bright half month of Falgun.

History of Khatu Shyam Kund Sikar Rajasthan

Some have a different story about the construction of this temple which states that Roopsingh Chauhan who was the king of Khatu and his wife Narmada Kunwar saw a dream of deity in which he instructed them to take his image out of the earth. Later, when the place which is also known as Shyam Kund as of now when dug up, they found the idol of which they built a temple on that particular place.

Khatu Shyamji Temple History – Rajasthan

Originally, the temple was constructed in 1027 AD by the king of Khatu and his wife. The place where they found the idol was known as Shyam Kund. Then in 1720 AD, Diwan Abhai Singh who was the ruler of Mewar renovated the temple.The temple which is at present took its place at that time only and also it is made up of a very rare stone. Since then, Khatu Shyam is also a family deity to many families of Rajasthan. The architecture of this temple is very deep and is built with pure white marble of Makrana, tiles and lime motor. The idol here is in the form of Sheesh (Head)  and was put in the architecture of the temple.  The sanctum are elegantly covered with silver sheets. The Jagmohan hall which is also known as the prayer all is also illuminated with beautiful sculptures, paintings which are depicting mythological scenes.

Barbareek who is worshiped as Khatu Shyam in this temple offers his blessings to every person who is coming to his temple. People also denote him as ‘Haare ka Sahara’ (Helper to losers). Most of the people are coming here during the festivals like Janmashtami, Holi, Jhool Jhulani Ekadashi and Vasant Panchami. There are many rituals also performed at this place which attracts devotees from different states every year.